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Want to dig deeper into culture? The hofstede centre, operated by Itim International, offers a wide variety of courses. In addition, you can find links to recommended books and products about culture, our Facebook page and information about The hofstede centre itself.

This website provides you with insights in Hofstede's research and the research of his colleagues into national and organisational culture. Besides the research outcomes, such as country scores on the dimensions of national culture, you will find the Culture Compass, helping you to visualize your own cultural preferences, links to mobile applications for the same purpose, video clips and much more!

This website uses copyrighted information from Professor Geert Hofstede's books, for which the hofstede centre has been licensed by Professor Hofstede. The goal of The hofstede centre is to help you translate cultural findings into daily management practices. For this purpose we run certification workshops and courses and work together with our consulting partners at Itim International, itself co-founded by Prof. Hofstede in 1985. 

Certification and courses

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Study Purposes

Information for study purposes you will find under the “Cultural Dimensions” header. 

Visualizing Cultures impact

Based on Hofstede´s validated research, The hofstede centre offers the following tools to help you visualize cultural differences and their impact. 

Measure your Cultural Preferences
Compare two or more countries based on 6 dimensions.
How can you match your strategy and context with your culture?

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