Cultural Ambassador

Certification courses are offered exclusively by The hofstede centre, which has the endorsement of Professor Emeritus Geert Hofstede. The hofstede centre’s main goal is to offer high quality education in the field of culture and management based on a fusion of academic research and practical experience.

A Culture Expert Inside your Organization

In organizations where hiring external consultants is not an option, we have a solution: The Cultural Ambassador Programme.

Expert organizations need experts. Our corporate certification programme is aimed at providing your in-house experts with both the knowledge and the tools to recognize and visualize cultures. Your cultural ambassadors will gain the skills to deal effectively with cultural challenges within your organization and bring real, lasting solutions with impact.

Benefits of the Course
  • Navigate the field of organizational and national culture and change with the Hofstede Framework
  • Focus on capitalizing on the diversity within your organization
  • Exploring, attracting and retaining talents who bring different contexts and backgrounds to your organization
  • Exploring entrance to foreign markets for SME's
  • Access to the online toolkit to scan the (sub) cultures of your own organization and propose paths to change
  • Insight in the combination of organizational culture and national culture
  • Opportunity to further develop mutual understanding and respect among people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Invitation to the annual conferences organized by itim International, focused on exchanging information among colleagues and the latest cultural research
  • Platform to exchange and interact with experienced intercultural and organizational management specialists
  • Receiving certification to show that you are qualified and competent to service your organization as a internal trainer/consultant based on Hofstede’s 6-D Model©, the MultiFocus Model and its applications

  • A real-life measurement of the organizational culture of your company/department/organization which serves as your certification assignment to make change happen
  • A 3 day intensive training course
  • Course binder with reading materials and exercises
  • Access to the itim network of experts worldwide
  • Course facilities and lunches

Upcoming Certification Courses in Cultural Ambassador

Date Course type Location Additional Information Price  
October 18-20 2017 Cultural Ambassador France/The Netherlands (TBC)   2800€ Register
Autumn 2017 Cultural Ambassador Bangalore, India      

Courses will be confirmed, at the latest, three weeks before the course date. Until then it's possible that courses will be cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants.

If you’re interested in The Hofstede Centre delivering the course at your location or if you have a question regarding the course, please contact