Culture Compass™

The Culture Compass™ survey was developed by The hofstede centre in collaboration with itim International, a culture consultancy. The purpose of the Culture Compass™ is to make you aware of potential cultural pitfalls and to increase your effectiveness in working with those being born and raised in your country of interest. In the professional version you will get tailored feedback based on your professional capacity:

  • as a subordinate
  • as a colleague
  • as a superior
  • as a negotiator
  • as a person transferring know-how
  • as a long-term visitor
The survey will measure your personal preferences in terms of Hofstede’s model and compare them to the average value pattern of your country of interest.

The Culture Compass™ helps you understand the impact of your own cultural value preferences and potential behavioural pitfalls while working with people from other countries.
The survey consists of 42 pairs of statements. It takes about 15 minutes to answer all questions. You will receive an e-mail containing the link to the survey right after completing the purchase.

The Culture Compass™ survey can be purchased for the price mentioned below and needs to be paid beforehand through PayPal or by credit card. For residents of the European Union a value added tax applies. You can also pre-pay a certain number of surveys for your organisation or aquire a license (recommended for universities).

Professional version


Student version


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You can also make a group purchase. The minimum order is 30 codes. For organizations, a reduced rate of 16,72 euros per code applies after you order 100 codes or more. For academic institutions, a reduced rate of 6 euros per code applies after you order 30 codes or more. You may also contact us for a license agreement. Click here to fill in order form.

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