The documentary is a personal portrait of Geert Hofstede and in it he tells us about his personal and professional life and reflects on the relationship between the two. He shares with us the experience of a lifetime, focusing on the past and including his ideas on today’s developments.

It tells of his personal odyssey, it is the story of a man who is regarded as “one of the most influential thinkers of our times”. Hofstede Geert Hofstede

The documentarians had full access to Geert Hofstede’s personal archives and films. These materials, along with long interviews with Professor Hofstede and his colleagues, friends and family made it possible to acquire an in-depth view of the person behind the research. The documentary’s reflective, critical, interested and respectful approach resulted in a personal portrait of Geert Hofstede and his odyssey through the different phases of his life.


This unprecedented access to Geert Hofstede and those close to him provided a full picture of how an engineer became one of the most controversial and quoted social scientists of our time. The film covers which factors led to the creation of a comprehensive and controversial cultural model that has driven discussion between researchers, educators, students and professionals around the world. It gives a full account of his motivations, drive and the challenges he had to overcome as his life’s work gained international acclaim as well as the effect it had on his personal and professional life.


The initiative for this important documentary was taken by the Geert Hofstede Consortium, itim International and Sietar Netherlands in association with Siegmund Audiovisuele Produkties. These associates understood the significance of recording for posterity the story of this incredibly influential and respected international guru.

Made by award-winning filmmaker, Marcel Siegmund, a social filmmaker who has years of experience in capturing and conveying people’s stories so that they move the heart and draw the eyes and ears. The documentary could not have made without the financial support of the sponsors, and we are very grateful to them for making it possible.


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