E-learning programme “Introduction to Intercultural Management”

The “Introduction to Intercultural Management” e-learning is a source of inspiration and imagination for professionals working in international business, institutions and organizations. This e-learning is a first step into working effectively and confidently despite differences in culture and experience. You will gain a better understanding of the 6-D model of Hofstede, a practical and scientifically based tool for intercultural management.

Designed for
  • Employees who have work outside of their home country
  • Staff with daily contact with people from different cultures
  • Managers and employees who work in teams with foreign colleagues
  • Managers and employees who travel abroad extensively
  • Spouses accompanying personnel transferred to foreign countries
  • International Business Students
  • Increase your knowledge of and insight into the importance of your own culture in determining your behaviour
  • Highlight the significance of other cultures’ modus operandi, assumptions, reactions, expectations and behavior
  • Sensitize you to identify and deal with cultural challenges in your day-to-day work
  • Introduce you to a ‘tool’, Hofstede’s 6-D model, to optimize daily working practices in an intercultural context
Acquired competences
  • Anticipate and react appropriately to culturally sensitive situations
  • Understand the reasons behind potential conflicts in which culture is involved
  • Start utilising the 6-D model to enhance your cultural competence
  • Be mindful of your own culture and the effect it has on your daily work practices and understanding

The interactive and practical nature of the e-learning means that the participants will be able to immediately apply their skills to increase their efficiency and competence when working in international teams.

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