Info Webinars

Join one of our free info-webinar and learn more about the Accredited Certification Courses offered by the Hofstede Centre.

Free Webinar: Hofstede multi-focus model & Organisational Culture Certification

During this webinar (45 min) you will get an introduction to:

  • The Organisational Culture Model (Hofstede’s Multi-focus model) and its applications  
  • The tools that can be used to align culture and strategy
  • The targets and benefits of our certification courses
  • Q&A session

Free Webinar: Certification Course in Intercultural Management

During this webinar (45 min) you will get:

  • An introduction to The Hofstede Centre and itim International
  • An overview of the benefits of The Hofstede Centre Accredited Lecturer and the Accredited Practitioner courses in Intercultural Management
  • A quick explanation on what it means to become part of the itim International network (read more here)
  • How to join the itim network
  • Q&A session

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