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The hofstede centre
Hosted by the culture consultancy itim International, this website was created with the contribution of Prof. Emeritus Geert Hofstede. Certification courses and tools offered through this website with the goal of spreading Hofstede’s research and helping organisations as well as individuals by visualizing cultural differences and their impact are based on Geert Hofstede’s validated research.

Based on Prof. Emeritus Geert Hofstede's validated research, The hofstede centre offers valuable tools to help you visualize cultural differences and their impact. 

Want to dig deeper into culture? We run certification workshops and courses which enable participants to work in the field of intercultural management, organisational culture and change management.

Our network: consulting and training services

itim International will help you to perform better in cross-cultural situations. Itim International will also help you to align your strategy with your organizational culture, thus ensuring that you do a better job whatever your objectives are. This is done through the members of our globally operating network of consultants, who have been all certified by The hofstede centre. 

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